Court Pace Index (CPI) Data 📊 2012-2019

How Fast Are The Courts? And Are They Getting Faster/Slower?

Just a (very) quick, (very) nerdy post today. Below is a link to The Racquet Court Pace Index spreadsheet, with data from 2012-2019. It’s useful if you want to know how fast a particular tournament was playing in a given year (despite CPI’s limitations). There are also a few extra sheets (tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet) showing day-by-day CPI increases for certain tournaments, and ATP 500’s as well.

I’m sharing this now even though it's currently incomplete. I’m in the process of trying to get as much of the 2012-2015 data as possible (2016-2019 is complete), & this will be constantly updated as I get new figures.

‘Winners/UFE's’ and ‘Ace Rate’ (+ more filters and info) for each tournament are coming soon. If you have any requests for information/filters let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

👉 Link 📊 (Spreadsheet)

If you don’t want to, or can’t, open up a spreadsheet, here are some screenshots:

2012 CPI (Incomplete)

2013 CPI (Incomplete)

2014 CPI (Incomplete)

2015 CPI (Incomplete)

2016 CPI

2017 CPI

2018 CPI

2017/18 ATP 500’s CPI

This spreadsheet will be constantly updated with new information, but new/updated versions will only be accessible if you’re a paid Racquet subscriber.

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See you on Sunday for the weekly Round-up!

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