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Two types of subscription.

Free: gets you weekly ‘TL;DR Recaps’. Great for casual fans who have a tough time keeping up with the tour.


Paid (5$/month): gets you daily ‘TL;DR Recaps’ from all Slams, Masters 1000’s and select 500’s (for e.g. Queens/Halle). Great for passionate fans who are interested in daily news, technique/strategy/matchup analysis, as well as some bigger picture tennis topics/pieces.

Check out a previous TL;DR Recap to get an idea of what they’re like. In each issue you get:

  • A no-spoilers section with links to highlights. 🎥

  • Results and match analysis. 🔎📝

  • Draw previews/breakdowns/predictions. 🔮

  • Stats. 📊

  • Shots of the day/week (GIFS). 😮

  • Player announcements & interview best-bits. 🎤

  • Orders of Play. ⏰

I created The Racquet because I've always felt like there is just too much information & news during the bigger tennis tournaments. It can be tough to keep up. I'll have succeeded when you as a reader can have a full days work/studying/whatever, open up The Racquet, and still feel just as informed/in-the-loop as if you had spent all day looking at tennis Twitter/Reddit/MTF etc. You are just as likely to find in-depth match analysis as you are to find an Ernest Gulbis meme.

What's the goal?

The Racquet exists to create an entertaining, ad-free, non-clickbait, stat and fact-based home for tennis coverage. So much sports news is just drama-hungry bait because the journalists/publications need to stand-out to get clicks. The Racquet gets delivered straight to you, so there will never be a need for me to push incendiary, misleading information to get you in the door. I will strive to keep this honest, interesting, factual and as objective as possible.

Who makes this?

My name is Matt, I live in London and have a day job in tech. I've played tennis since I was 5 years old and slowly graduated to playing varsity tennis at college/university. My backhand is inexplicably better than my forehand. I guess that makes me a budget version of Benoit Paire 🤷‍♂️.

You can find me on Twitter here.


What’s the longer term plan. Any more content in the works?

A podcast, weekly YouTube videos, Twitch streams during tournaments, an iOS/Android app so you can get the issues delivered that way instead of email etc etc. But the focus behind the Recaps will always be priority No.1.

Why no love for the WTA?

Unfortunately between covering the ATP and working a day job, I wouldn't be able to do the WTA justice coverage-wise at the moment. There is SO much information/news to cover, each and every day during tournaments, which means that I'd prefer to double down on ATP news/info, rather than spread myself too thin trying to cover both. If this turns into something bigger than it is now, I’ll launch a WTA version as well (2019 at the earliest).

Anything else?

infotheracquet [at] gmail [dot] com