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It’s good to have the Berettini Game back if only to serve up some variety into the mens game. Slice has evolved and holds up well. Also interesting that he took a proper break with his injury, and is back raring to go with enthusiasm. Good to see.

If Murray can’t cope with a legit break after 2 sets how does he deal with Nadal who exits after the 1st set, every single time.

Turns out it’s an ab issue, not sure how that correlates to a bathroom break….tough decision now to play Queens or not. But it does tell me that over 7 bof5 matches that the Brit media might want to curb their enthusiasm… :)

Thrilled for TVR. Grass eh….

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As I see it the strength of Berrettini's slice backhand is that he truly drives it, all but always, versus the elbow-pulls-out-of-the-shot, floating variety so common on both tours. On the grass it's as much a throwback shot as any Barty thrilled us with in her time.

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Those TVR highlights shld be sent to Stefanos as Jonathan said. Some very Federer like grass court play, chipped blocked return, nasty BH slice, and well executed droppers when least expected.

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