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Great write-up. Thanks.

Two things I'd love to see about this match, and match-up. Which is not to say you have to provide the answers, or should have:

• In 2009 I watched delPo and Soderling at the O2 in the ATP Finals, and realized that both of them want to play from within 3' or 4' *inside* the sidelines. Of course everyone wants to do the same, but their games are (were) built around that more than many others. Rublev is more mobile than either of those two, but his preferred style of point is similar imo. I don't know that it's available, but it'd be very interesting to see where he was on the court when he lost points vs when he won them. I suspect we'd see him with a higher % of losing points when stretched out to the coasts, but of course I could be wrong. (This is the benefit of hard data, which it's great that you provide, vs seat of the pants assessments like mine.) A corollary to that would be the relative mobility of Rublev vs Tsitsipas; would love to see who ran the greater distance.

• In a similar vein re data from Hawkeye (or FoxTenn, if it can do that), it would be interesting (again) to know the two players' winning/losing percentage at the net. I could not find it at the tournament/ATP match stats.


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Thanks Skip. I don't have data for court position yet although I'm working on something more general along those lines. RE net points, Tsistipas was 3/5 and Rublev 3/7.

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Thanks for the reply. Neither of them exactly stormed to the net as soon as possible :), but if I won 3/5 every time I was up there I'd feel pretty good (and would have created some sense of pressure re doing it again), but if it was 3/7 I'd stay behind the baseline for sure.

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