Mar 29, 2021Liked by Matthew Willis

Thanks MW, great write-up on this, finally insight into some of the bts. For me, it's also wondering how to make this sport equitable to players outside the 250 that don't make the cut to slams. How do we increase accessibility and longevity in this sport for those players that want this as their career but aren't the next Federer per se?

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Mar 28, 2021Liked by Matthew Willis

Aside from the PTPA's lack of a professionally structured first "strike," with their poorly formed initial statement (see: Marcus Daniell's comments above), the idea that a "Players'" group (sic) that seeks fundamental changes to "the" tour (unnhh, doesn't that included dual gender tourneys?) doesn't include the women is silly, organizationally re the tour, philosophically, and from a negotiating standpoint.

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