Nov 22, 2021Liked by Matthew Willis

You said it all but I have a couple of thoughts going thru my mind at the moment. The confidence and maturing of Zverev’s game cannot be overlooked. Whatever else may be going on in his life, his on court attitude has improved match by match, tourney by tourney, almost before our very eyes.

Secondly, I thought Meddy was a bit fatigued. And I wondered at the efficiency of his game on this court speed when a bit tired. The lack of economy in his game was slightly exposed, ie lack of spin to give him a bit of room to manoeuvre, and lack of economy of technique. Everything is big.

Final thoughts. Zverev played extremely well as you said, and I am beginning to rate his FH more than Medvedev’s even when Medvedev is 💯. More weight, more depth, more spin and more economic in technique. He was always about the BH but the FH is a weapon now.

If he continues like this , and overcomes the 5 set hurdle, I can see him bag a slam in 2022.

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